Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 3: Share Your Talent

Ceramics Class

Last week we set out to share material goods. This week, let's think about the more intangible things we could share. What if we taught others how to do the things we love? Remember when you presented someone with that lovely knitted hat and they commented how much they would love to knit? Well, why don't you teach them? Or maybe you make jewelry, or candles, or soap. Do you have the most beautiful garden in town? Show your neighbors your secrets!

Sharing our talents does not diminish what we do. It does, in fact, magnify what we do. With only a few minutes of your time you could pass on a valuable skill or a hobby that will give hours of enjoyment to a friend. And, everyone has something they are good at. I hear a couple of you saying there is nothing you're good at that someone would want to learn, but I bet if you thought for a minute you would realize that's not true. Even a skill that seems mundane to you might be exciting to someone else.
Teaching My Little Dude some Cooking

Put yourself out there, you'll be doing someone a service and I just bet that you'll end up feeling pretty darn good about about yourself, too.

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