Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 4: Be Thankful

Being thankful is sort of a theme this week, right? At least in the United States, that is. But I bet many of us forget to be thankful the other 51 weeks of the year. It's very easy to get caught up in all of the things that we don't have or that have gone wrong in our lives, but everyone always has something they can be thankful for. I'm not naive, I know times are tough for a lot of people in the world. Even in the toughest of times, though, there is something for you to be thankful for. Take a moment and consider your life. Are you healthy? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have a great family? Do you have at least one wonderful friend? Do you have a job you love? Do you have a hobby you love? If you answered yes to even just one of those questions, then you have something to be thankful for every day of the year.

Personally, I am extremely thankful for my wonderful family and amazing friends, and so, keeping them in mind, this will be my only blog post this week. I'll be back after the holiday, but for this week I plan on giving the gift of time to my family and friends and being thankful for every second of it.

Image: giving thanks courtesy of TheAlieness GiselaGiardino

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